Burton-Greater Geary Local Service District


This is the home of the Burton-Greater Geary Local Service District Advisory Committee.  It speaks in support of the 5421 residents of the Burton-Greater Geary Local Service District in local matters such as:


·         Solid Waste Collection

·         Local planning

·         Fire and police protection

·         Animal Control


This website is maintained by an Advisory Committee volunteer for the purposes of enhancing communication of valuable information to LSD residents.

2014-2018 Advisory Committee


Eleanor Lindsay, (Burton), Chair & Local Rep to Regional Service Commission

Malcolm Gilbert, (Burton) Secretary

Mary Mesheau (Burton)

Terry Dexter  (Burton)

Pat Smith (Burton)


Contact us at info[at]burtongreatergearylsd.ca


Letter from Chair of the Outgoing 2012-2014 Advisory Committee


Advisory committee members are volunteers elected at a special public meeting in 2012 and are to serve two years.  A new election was organized by the Dept of Env and Local Gov’t for November 5th, 2014, 7 pm, Burton Lions Centre.

Links of interest

Regional Service Commission 11  (Building permits, etc)

Department of Local Government

Burton-Greater Geary Rural Plan

Local tax rates (tax authority 327 - Burton)

(Note 2014 tax rate for Burton LSD = $0.2891 per $100 of assessed property value, added on to $0.5215 provincial property tax rate, see calcs below)

Recycling info and recycling schedule

Greater Geary Association


Burton Area Citizens Association

Meeting Schedule

Here is the public meeting schedule for the Burton-Greater Geary Local Service District committee which includes Burton, Swan Creek and Greater Geary Areas – All meetings start at 7 pm and alternate between the Burton Lions Centre (B) and the Geary Lions Centre (G):



21 Oct at the Burton Lions Club

16 Dec (B)



20 Jan 2014 (G), 17 Feb (B)

17 Mar (G), 21 Apr (B)

26 May (G), 16 June (B)

Nov 20 (B), Dec 18 (G)



Jan 15 (B), Feb 19 (G), March 19 (B)

April 16 (G), May 21 (B), June 18 (G)


2014 – 2018 Advisory Committee Election

Wed, Nov 5th, 7 pm, Burton Lions Centre


The vote to establish recreational and sports facilities for the Burton Greater Geary Local Service District was held on October 30, 2014 at the Hazen Park Centre in Oromocto. The results of this vote are as follows:

Yes: 59
No: 107

Ballots cast: 166

Spoiled ballots: 0

The result of the vote is no to establishing the service.

The Local Service District Committee members wish to extend our appreciation to those who attended our public information sessions and to those who voted on this issue.


Mary Mesheau Chairperson

 on behalf of the LSD committee

October 23, 2014 – Recreation Services Vote on October 30, 2014, Hazen Centre Oromocto, 2 – 8 pm (see news item below for more information)


Information Sessions:

Oct 22, 7 pm, Geary Lions Centre
Oct 23, 7 pm, Burton Lions Centre
Oct 30, 1 pm, Hazen Centre Oromocto (prior to vote)

Sept 17, 2014 -  Burton-Greater Geary to vote on Recreation Services in October

In late 2013, the Burton-Greater Geary LSD committee held two community meetings to discuss community interest in supporting local recreation programs.  Many citizens from both sides of the LSD appeared to support this concept and signed a petition to the Department of Local government to have a community vote to allow our LSD to use its revenue to support recreation programs. It has taken a while, but this vote will be held sometime in mid-October. Final dates to follow shortly, along with a note in your mailbox.  There will also be two community information sessions (Geary, Burton) where you'll have a chance to ask questions.


Burton-Greater Geary LSD is not currently allowed to use its collected revenue to support the delivery of recreation services (such as hiring a worker to maintain a playing surface or walking trail, buying soccer nets or bases, etc) and the vote is to change this.  It has been this way since the 1960s when our LSD was established.   The LSD is set up to support Community Services, which includes operational and other expenses associated with a maintaining a facility for community use or access.


This is a not a vote for an amount of money to be set aside for recreation, rather it is a vote to tell Local Government that citizens support (or do not support) allowing the community to set aside money for recreation sometime.  A “yes” vote will give the community the ability to set a recreation budget, while the budget amount can be set if and when the community sees a need to set a number.   If the communities support this, the LSD Committee will embark on a similar community engagement exercise that it did to solicit input for the Community Services budget and selection criteria for support.


Four projects to receive Community Services Funding

Following public consultations in 2013, including consultations this year on selection criteria, the LSD Advisory Committee asked for proposals from local community groups for up to $5,000 in funding, to allocate a total budget of $19,000 to important community projects or services in 2014.  Four applications were received, reviewed and found to be suitable for funding according to the selection criteria.  The projects are:

1)Burton Lions Club  - up to $4750 towards Community Hall Roof Replacement

2)Geary Lions Club  - up to $4750 towards utilities and liability insurance expenses for approx. 4 months at the community hall

3)Burton Home and School Assoc.  - up to $4750 towards equipment for a community playground

4)Greater Geary Recreation Council - up to $4750 towards enhancing community access to their ballfield and programs (fixing the parking area and other non-playing surface areas (but not the field itself), liability insurance, portapotty)


All successful applicants submit their invoices to the Dept. of Local Government, which reviews the eligibility of expenses and ensures proper use of funds.  Unused funds return to the LSD budget.  Original budget was $20,000, with $1,000 being left in the budget for emergency expenditures, which is why $19,000 was allocated.

Burton-Greater Geary LSD Budget 2014

Non-discretionary items
(set by Local Services Manager for Regional Service Commission 11 as our share of the costs to deliver services in our LSD) – 98.1% of total expenditures


Administration: $26,009

Rural Planning: $101,969

Cost of assessment: $68,462

Fire protection: $236,310

Police services: $317,486

Dog control: $10,843

Solid Waste Management: $292,082

Total non-discretionary budget: $1,053,161


Discretionary items (as recommended by the LSD Advisory Committee following public consultations) – 1.9% of all expenditures

Community services: $20,000


Total budget for 2014: $1,073,161

Anticipated revenue

Unconditional grant from NB: $51,006

Total taxes collected to be collected from LSD: $1,020,159

Total revenue = $1,071,165


Tax base (total value of properties) = $352,898,950

Local tax rate = (2014 taxes to be collected)/(tax base)

= $1,020,159/$352,898,950

=$0.002891 per $1 of assessed property value –or-

=$0.2891 per $100 of assessed property value


Property value

LSD taxes paid ($0.2891)

Provincial taxes ($0.5215 )































Questions about the budget, including detailed budget breakdowns, can be directed to Local Services Manager Ivan Corbett


Approved Meeting Minutes


Forthcoming, currently available on Greater Geary Association website (see link above)